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Membership Minutes- July 10

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Membership meeting draft minutes:

July 25, 2010


The meeting was convened at 11:21 AM. 




Ken Cousins’ mother passed away recently.


Reading of the minutes was deferred for the Town Report.  Dan Welsh spoke with the group about bicycle and pedestrian paths in Lewisboro.


“On Golden Path” is a group proposing to build a bike and pedestrian path along Rte 138. 


This is a grassroots project.  11-12 members are in the group. They have had 3 meetings.  Multiple approvals and getting through red tape will be issues.  The group is currently surveying physical features of the proposed pathway and estimating costs.  They are envisioning project in segments, looking at grants, and contractors who may be able to contribute labor.  The project could begin with a trail from Pond or Lake Street to the intersection near the A&P. Completing the project could take 7-10 years.  4-5 pedestrians and cyclists get hit along route 138 ever year.  Bicycle and walking paths have a positive impact on property values.  G. Stewart volunteered to work with the group.  G. Levites may have evidence of a longstanding commitment to build similar paths that was bundled with money for route 684 construction. 


Nominating Committee:  The slate was presented to the membership as follows-


Arnstein- President

Eisen- Vice President

Levites- Treasurer

Fast- Secretary


At Large:


Jim Callen

Ken Finkelman

Dorothy Shulman

Gerry Sircus

Jay Martin

Francesca Miller

Chris Rietsch

Fred Magolies

Jody Berkowitz


Board members whose terms expire next year include:  


Michael Brown

Drew Orr

John Bergherr

Paul Stewart-Stand


There were no nominations from the floor. 


Motions to close the ballot for each position were made, seconded and passed unanimously.


The membership thanked the Nominating Committee and all candidates.

The membership specially commended Eric Stand for his long service on the Board and to the Community.


Thanks also to departing Board members Rosedale and Gordon.


Requests for absentee ballots should be directed to Michael Brown at mbrownmw@aol.com .


By-laws regarding voting and absentee ballots will be included in the mailing (along with the slate) announcing the August membership meeting.


Reading of the Minutes:  The Board minutes from April, May and June were read into the record.  The April membership meeting minutes were read and approved as amended. 


Committee Reports-


Financial- Balances in accounts were read out to the Membership. 


Capital improvements this year include refurbishing the Handball court (proceeding on budget), work on barn floors, purchasing two new rafts, extending the concrete slab downstairs in the barn, and purchasing a paddle boat. 


A couple of members’ dues are still outstanding. 


The art show netted $727.25, which was donated to the Food Bank of Westchester.  Levites thanked Adriana Kulcycky, Dan and Judy Fast, Melissa Norris, John Bergherr, Georgann Stewart, Pearl Klainberg, and Judy Gressin for their work on the art show.


Footnote:  We are a Homeowners’ Association according to New York State- Neither a "non-profit" nor "not for profit" organization.


G. Stewart recommended we purchase a laptop for the Association to be used for our business records.


Next year, billing will be in January and dues will be payable on Feb 1.  Payment plans will be available for people who are accustomed to paying in March. 


G. Stewart asked about construction permits relative to the chair storage shed at the beach. Orr will investigate.


Garbage- No report


Water- The Camp should be informed about community-wide water restrictions. 


There was a question about metering water use from house to house and charging by amount used.  Arnstein replied that there is a significant amount of work involved in doing this including installing, reading, and testing meters.  Fast mentioned that metering can be defeated easily by re-routing pipes. 


Water system users seem more interested in installing a backup generator at the pump house. 


Environment- A new company to help with telephone voice broadcasting and emergency notifications has been found.


Beach- The new rafts are working out well.  As we anticipated, there may be a shortage of lifeguards at the end of the season; only one who is currently working will be here for the last few weeks. 


Lake-  G. Levites, Brown and Stand have been monitoring CSLAP data since 1995.  Stand has 5 years of data.  The latest report will be made available online and in Road 4. 


Stand aired a preliminary proposal to dredge parts of the lake, sequentially, over 10-15 years.  The lake is 72 years old.  Road runoff fills up the “lobes” of the lake.  Suction dredging was suggested, involving a motorboat, hose, diver, and a 15-30 foot high semi-permeable bag to let the water drain off.  After a year, all you are left with is organic matter that can be used as topsoil.  The process is supposed to be both odorless and ecologically sound. 


The total cost is estimated at $150,000.  Stand suggested charging $100 per family per year until $50,000 is accrued.  Then the first phase of dredging could begin. 


Planning and following through will require increased participation by members, especially younger members.  This project is to ensure that the lake remains suitable for recreation by future generations.


A question was raised:  Why can’t we drain and dredge the whole lake?  We are a water source for the fire department.  The valve system in the dam might fail if we opened it (though drainage using pumps would get around that issue). Perhaps most importantly, the proposed method is safer for everything living in the lake.


Metz, Arnstein, and Martin volunteered to help Stand with this project. 


Legal/Sales- The paperwork between Lewis and our Association necessary to conclude the matter involving ownership of wells and property deeds has been signed by both parties.


Camp- We are four weeks into camp.  We have had a successful campout and circus.  Enrollment numbers are healthy.  The staff is generally working out well.  New membership on the Camp Committee is needed.  Specific jobs will be assigned in the future to manage time and commitment levels. 


Barn- No report


Maintenance- Most projects are done.  The membership thanked Orr for his work on the new rafts. 


Roads- No report


Road 4- Submissions are always welcome: 


Social/Hospitality- Upcoming events include the Volleyball tournament, Trio con Brio,   and a book discussion.  Calendars are on the bulletin boards and in Road 4.


Old Business: None


New Business: Scott Moore demonstrated the portable defibrillator.  There is one at the Lifeguard chair and another in the barn.  A battery-operated alarm goes off when the case is opened.  These units do not automatically call 911.


These devices are only for use on someone who is unconscious and unresponsive.  It is designed to resolve two abnormal heartbeat patterns.   Not for use with a person having a seizure.  If you know how to check for pulse and respirations before using the device, that is ideal.  A CPR course is recommended for all.  To use the device:


·         Call 911 and ask for help from any trained individuals around you. 

·         After a self-test, you will hear a message asking you to Start CPR. 

·         2 minutes pass until the next message.  Performing CPR oxygenates the heart so it can respond better. 

·         The next message tells you to connect the electrodes.  Open the adult electrode packet and plug into the unit, following the pictorial guide.  Place electrodes directly on skin (sticky side to skin); there is a razor in the kit to remove hair if needed.  The kit contains a different packet of electrodes for use on a child. 

·         The device scans for heart rhythm, and tells you what to do step by step.  There is only one button to push if or when the device instructs you to do so.  Follow instructions for each step precisely. 


We will look into offering a public CPR course. 


Thanks to Maggie Hayes for maintaining all the flower pots 


The meeting was adjourned at 12:50 pm.

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