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Board minutes- July 10

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GBCA Board meeting minutes



Present: Stand, Fast, Rosedale, Brown, Orr, Levites, Bergherr, Eisen, Shulman, Arnstein, Gordon, Callen


Absent: Sircus, Finkelman, Stewart-Stand


The meeting came to order at 10:10 am.


April, May and June Board Minutes were read and accepted into the record as amended.


Correspondence- none.


Committee Reports-


Finance- We have spent out our capital money from this year’s budget.  Many significant capital projects have been accomplished.  Next year’s budget will need to replenish our capital reserve funds. 


We will appear in town court on August 16 to sue Brennan for unpaid dues.  All but Delgado and Hom/Mansfield have made payments.  Delgado says he will pay by the end of this month. 


Camp and Finance committees will collaboratively develop a template for shared budgeting and accounting.  This will allow for better planning in both organizations. 


DiAngeles is again behind on payments.  Arnstein will speak with him and agree on a time to shut off his water. 


Barn-  Amended agreement for Barn use by private parties was discussed. Once finalized, it will be published in Road 4. 


Question:  Could an outside theater group put on a play in our barn, collecting money for charitable donations?  Sense of the Board- A Member must be willing to sponsor the event.  In this case, we would handle the money and disburse it to the charity. 


Beach- Going well- Stopwatches, shirts are being ordered.  New rafts are stable and working out well. 


Discussion of supervision issues:  Lifeguard supervision is done by the beach committee; Camp staff supervision is done by the Camp Committee.  Any member who knows of a problem with camp staff needs to speak to someone on the Camp Committee.  They talk to the Camp Director, who works with Camp staff.  The only exception would be if the issue involves the member’s child, in which case the member may speak to Camp staff directly. 


In general, the Board supports the Camp Committee in communicating our wishes to Camp staff.  Known issues are being addressed. 


There was a question regarding enforcement of beach rules- specifically, guests without accompaniment.  A member may enforce the Beach rules, although it is recommended that no one person take on this task alone.  Gordon will speak about this at the next Membership meeting. 


Suggestion:  Members should get beach passes with their bills.  The Beach Committee will consider all options and make a recommendation to the Board- ultimately to be approved by the membership. 


Town/Lake- Stand will chair a subcommittee (Brown, G. Levites and more volunteers) to make plans for a 10-15 year project to dredge parts of the lake. Preliminary estimates for the total dredging project are in the neighborhood of $150,000.  Stand will report on the idea to the Membership. 


Dan Welsh would like to get community support for building bicycle and pedestrian trails in Goldens Bridge.  He will be allocated 10 minutes at the next Membership meeting. 


Camp- No report


Environment- Handball court work has proceeded- appearance is much approved.  Thanks to the Subcommittee for driving and financing the process. 


Hospitality/Social- One-act plays went well.  Next week is the art show. 


Legal/sales- Contract price for Becker house is $440,000 with $44,000 down.  Stand will check with Finkelman to find out if anyone on the list is interested.  Stand will waive our option if no interest has been expressed. 


Roads- No report. 


Maintenance- Stage support work still needs to be done.  Many other projects have been completed.  New voice broadcast service has been identified and will be implemented. 


Road 4- No report.


Water- Request to have the Board endorse recommended water restrictions.  Recommendation to post language on bulletin boards, trees, and in Road 4.  Motion (Bergherr):  Post language from the Water Committee about water restrictions around the Colony.  Seconded, passed unanimously. 


Garbage- No report.


History- No report.


Old business- By-laws committee was talking about revising the timing of the budget and the water emergency language.  Brown brought up conflict of interest provisions for re-examination.  Stewart-Stand, Eisen and Bergherr will work on this. 


Proposed by-laws change regarding emergency water expenses from the June Board meeting was seconded and passed without any changes- 8 in favor, none opposed.  Members of the Water Committee recused themselves from the vote. 


New business- None


Next meeting:  August 15, 10am at the Teen Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:23 pm.

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