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Board Minutes:  May, 2010

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GBCA Board meeting minutes



Present: Stand, Rosedale, Brown, Sircus, Eisen, Shulman, Finkelman, Stewart-Stand, Callen, Fast, Arnstein,


Absent: Gordon, Orr, Bergherr, Levites


The meeting came to order at 10:05 am.


April Board Minutes will be reviewed and approved by email.


Correspondence- none.


Committee Reports-


Finance- No report


Barn- Brown read an amended version of the Barn usage agreement.  The Board suggested that we strengthen language in the agreement relating to financial responsibility.  Also considering including requirement for an alcohol insurance policy and a deposit against potential damage. 


Lower barn floor work is done. 


Brown has a list of small projects needing done with volunteer labor. 


Beach/Lake- Mulch needs to be spread. 


Town- No report


Camp- No report


Environment- Schmid will supervise the demolition of the wall at the handball court.  Next, the basketball hoops need to be put up and finally masonry work will need to be done to finalize the resurfacing. 


The Handball Subcommittee recommends two hoops, on sale for $1,499 each at Sports Authority.  Installation is $400 each.  This corresponds to the amount approved at the April membership meeting.


Hospitality/Social- No report


Legal/sales- Lewis has changed the language of the agreement regarding the well and property arrangements.  The revised text was read to the Board, and appears to satisfy both sides.


Roads- The new state speed limit on our roads is posted, and enforceable, at 25mph. 


Maintenance- No report.


Road 4- Publication of next issue is imminent.


Water- The Board would like the Committee to investigate purchasing a backup generator to keep the system running in the event of a power outage. 


Garbage- No report. 


History- No report.


New business- A very large tree fell into the lake near the dam and must be removed.  We have an estimate to remove it but there are options to remove it all or leave logs behind.  Difference is only about $100.  Motion (Stand)- contract with Corbett Stone to remove the tree and logs.  Seconded, passed unanimously. 


Constitution amendment committee is to be ready for the June board meeting and announced as part of the invitation to the July meeting. 


Next meeting:  June 27, 10am at the Teen Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:00 am.

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