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Board Minutes- June 2010

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Present:  Drew Orr, Dorothy Shulman, Paul Stewart-Stand, Martha Levites, Mike Brown, Dan Fast, Jerry Sircus, Ron Arnstein, Eric Stand, Ken Finkelman, Jim Callen, Mera Eisen.


Absent:  Russell Gordon, Jeff Rosedale


The meeting was called to order at 10:10 PM.


Because of the absence of the Secretary, review of the May minutes was deferred until the July board meeting.



See attached financial report.

There are just a few members who have not paid their dues yet.


Motion:  Letters to be sent (tomorrow, by Arnstein) to those Colony members that have still not paid their dues (Gecaj, Cubides, Delgado) informing them that their water will be turned off on July 5th due to non payment of dues.

Motion passed unanimously.


The finance committee met and will be making some changes to the budget process which it hopes will lead to more accurate annual budgets and improved cash flow.  The billing for the annual dues will be moved up to January with payment due February 1st.


The Colony and Camp finance committees will meet in August to agree on cost splits.  The Camp budget will be included in the annual Colony budget.



The summer cleaning person just resigned.  They were scheduled to do their first cleaning today.  A new person must be found ASAP.


Question:  Should the beneficiaries of the hardship fund be asked to do it.


Sense of the Board:  NO



Papers have not yet been filed for Brennan small claims suit due to lack of forms.  Stand to provide these forms to Finkelman.



Changes to the barn use agreement were discussed.


Motion:  Board has the right to reject any application for barn use.

Not passed

For:  5

Against:  6

Abstaining:  1


After further discussion,


Motion:  The barn is available for private use by a Colony member in good standing subject to the following provisions:  1. if dues were not paid within 60 days of the due date in two of the previous three years, a $1,000 security deposit, to cover damages and cleaning, will be required and 2. The Board retains the right to refuse the use of the barn to anyone.


For:  7

Against:  6



The next issue will contain the annual water report.  It will be out by the end of the summer.


Question:  Are community members allowed to place ads in Road 4?

Sense of the Board:   Road 4 is a service for the community so one time ads are ok.



Eisen reviewed a list of projects (capital improvement and equipment purchases) to ascertain their current status. (Report is attached)


Barn back stairs – moved to next year

Chair rack in the barn – done

Fire Pull Stations in the barn – on hold

Stage Stabilization – next week

Barn floor – done

Defibrillators – Drew has these (more on this below)

Purchase of paddle boat – not being done

Beach chair shed – to be done

Gate in Volley ball court – next year

Tree trimming at the beach– done

Basket (hand) ball court – needs some masonry work and a power washing

Pump house renovation – ongoing

All lifeguards are certified to use the defribulators.  Drew will ask Scott Moore if he can teach community members how to use them.



Folk dancing starts July 9.

The August 25th movie in the barn will be “Juno”.

We need a pianist for the chorus.

Per Finkelman, there will be a basket ball tournament at the new basket ball court on July 4.



The water system is up to current code.  Some labeling needs to be done.  Wiring diagram is not done yet.

Lewis & Leathers to be hooked up to the new main after camp is finished.

Hall Avenue’s old main will be used until it fails.



Finkelman has not received the contract for the Becker house so he has not informed prospective purchasers on the list of its sales price.  People on the list have been notified of the pending Delgado house sale.


The Decaudin house on Branch Street is empty.  Martha will contact owner for payment of dues.



Two new aluminum rafts are in the water.

Bathrooms are clean and the water is on.

Lifeguards started today.

Orr will work up the hourly split between Colony and Camp lifeguard costs for the treasurer.

A consensus on how to enforce rules at the beach has not been reached.

Drug vials have been found at beach and the basket ball court.



All projects up to date.

A new tree at the beach may be considered.

Afternoon sun at the beach is still considered insufficient by some.

A fence at the Basketball court was discussed.  It was thought by some that the fence would prevent balls from going into wetlands and children getting injured there while retrieving them.



All is going well.  Camp starts tomorrow.



The roads were graded prior to camp opening. 

They will not be graded again until camp is over.



It is the opinion of some community members that the current by-laws concerning emergency expenditures may not be practical for water system emergencies.  A committee was formed to suggest changes.


Current By-Law:           

Expenditures of over $500 will require approval of the membership.  The Board may authorize expenditures of up to $500 toward any single unforeseen non-budgeted item.  An emergency expenditure above that amount would require approval of two-thirds (2/3) of the board.  These expenditures must be reported at the next general membership meeting.


After much discussion it was decided to table a vote on the amended by-law until the July meeting.  The following amended emergency expenditure by-law appeared to have the support of a majority of the board.  At the July board meeting a vote will be taken to determine if the following, revised by-law should be recommend to the membership.


Proposed By-Law change

The Board may authorize expenditures of up to $500 toward any single unforeseen non-budgeted item.  In an emergency, expenditures above that amount can be made with the approval of three of the four members of the executive committee.  In the case of a water system emergency, the threshold for requiring executive committee approval is $3,000.  Emergency expenditures will be reported at the next Board & membership meetings.


There being no new or old business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 12:00, noon.

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