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Board Minutes- April 10

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GBCA Board meeting minutes



Present: Stand, Fast, Rosedale, Brown, Sircus, Orr, Levites, Bergherr, Shulman, Arnstein, Finkelman, Gordon, Callen, Eisen


Absent: Stewart-Stand


The meeting came to order at 10:05 am.


March Board Minutes were read and accepted into the record.


Correspondence- none.


Gary Forbes joined us to discuss our insurance coverage. 


Our current coverage summary was distributed.  We are covered for losses beyond a deductible, even for “acts of God” like trees falling on a building. 


Liability coverage is the most important.  The Colony has a total of $6 million in coverage. 


Every member should have homeowner’s insurance that includes “umbrella” liability insurance.  This typically gives you about $1 million in coverage for $150-250 per year.  Loss assessment coverage on a homeowner’s policy is also important.  This is in the case of an assessment against the entire association that exceeds our collective coverage.  $50,000 of this coverage costs about $50/yr. 


Volunteer work is covered by our insurance and umbrella liability on homeowners’ policy.  Personal injury doing volunteer work is covered by our workman’s compensation policy; individuals’ medical insurance would provide primary coverage. 


We have $825,000 blanket coverage for all Colony buildings (including the Barn).


A “crime policy” insures the Association against financial crime. 


The activities we conduct bring risk- most notably Camp and Beach. 


We still have our original policy in part because it is impossible to replace.  Swimming, camps are too much risk for companies to cover in a new policy.  If we could replace it, it would cost at least $25,000 per year.  There are changes in the ownership at the company we use that could affect premiums or renewal in future years. 


The fact that the lake is so accessible does not affect our liability coverage- but if something were to go wrong, the company would probably not renew our policy. 


Committee Reports-


Finance- An updated report was distributed. 


We are now using a regular business savings account to make those funds more accessible. 


The hardship fund has $1,550 in it.  Records of disbursement from the fund are confidential. 


18 members have not yet responded to bills; 6 are on the water system.  May 1 is the deadline to pay.  Levites will send out bills stamped “second notice” or “final notice”. 


Barn- There was a general discussion of rules for using the Barn.  The Association should reserve the right to refuse any application to use the Barn.  Serving alcohol should require a licensed/certified bartender to protect us from liability (for example, serving intoxicated or underaged persons).  A deposit against loss, damage or cleaning should be collected for all uses.  Orr, Stand and Finkelman will help Brown draft a revised agreement document. 


Beach/Lake- Gordon went with Camp Director to the county-mandated aquatics information session.  Wristbands with swimming levels were displayed. 


An aquatics director candidate has been interviewed.  May 1 at 10am will be the beach cleanup, including spreading mulch, removing debris, and spreading beach sand.  A canoe will be replaced. 


New rafts will be delivered first week in June.  Camp starts 6/28.


Bridge by the Lieman property is OK. 


Town- no report


Camp- no report


Environment- The original plan for the existing handball court was to remove the wall, resurface the slab, and install 2 basketball hoops.  Only one estimate has been received, and a competitive bid is needed.  The wall will be taken down this year.  More work will be planned for next summer.  Budget is under development. $1500 is the estimate to take down the wall (has been budgeted for this year).  The additional $3500-$4000 for two hoops would need to be budgeted next year.  Future years’ budget might include resurfacing. 


Cleanup:  Disposable gloves and garbage bags to be distributed at the April membership meeting. 


Hospitality/Social- A draft of the calendar will be ready for the April membership meeting.  The Committee hopes to publish the final version by June 1.


May 1 at 11am in the Teen Center- there will be a meeting to discuss the Banquet Show. 


Highlights- Clearwater singers- 7/10; Up South Twisters (Zydeco music)- 8/14; Albie Gorn:  4 x 1-act plays on 7/17.  More announcements will be coming at the next membership meeting.  8/21 will be a cabaret night with jazz group. 


Legal/sales- Finkelman received a letter from Carol Lewis.  He has spoken to her lawyer.  Her lawyer finds no evidence that an exchange of deeds ever took place.  Finkelman will find out what kind of agreement is necessary to close the matter, so we can perform restoration work.  Stand will follow up with Lewis.


Everyone on the list of potential home buyers has or will be notified about the Elias and Delgado houses for sale; Becker’s may be for sale as well. 


Roads- No report


Maintenance- Beach sand has arrived.  Hay bales are in place. Mulch is on the way.  Tree removal at the beach is done. 


Options for defibrillator storage were discussed. 


Stand looked at the lower barn floor with a mason.  He suggested installing a curtain drain along the back of the barn. Stand and Orr are working on troubleshooting and resolving drainage issues. 


Brown and Orr drove out to look at the new rafts.  Decking and siding samples were distributed. 


Road 4- The summer Social Calendar will be published in the next issue.   An article about some of the performers may be included.  Joe Rabushka just published a book.  Sandler’s fiancée, Nora Rawley-Baskins, is writing children’s literature.  Articles about wildlife, a short piece about our insurance coverage, and images of Brown’s old postcards of Goldens Bridge are possibilities for inclusion.  This year’s scholarship winner can be announced.  Material is due by May 20 in order to be included in the next issue. 


Water- Work detailed in the agreement with Carol Lewis is to be done.  Stand has the agreement letter.


Garbage- No report


History- No report


New business- Moved (Fast):  The Colony will employ DiAngeles to clean for the summer season if his wages are applied against his debt.  Seconded (Finkelman).  6 in favor, 5 opposed.  Passed.  His water can be turned back on if he meets the terms of his payment plan. 


Next Board meeting:  May 23 10am at the Teen Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 12:27 pm.

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