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Board Minutes- March 10

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GBCA Board meeting minutes



Present: Stand, Fast, Rosedale, Brown, Sircus, Orr, Levites, Bergherr, Eisen, Arnstein, Gordon


Absent: Callen, Shulman, Stewart-Stand, Finkelman


The meeting came to order at 10:15 am.


February Board Minutes were read and accepted into the record.


Rosedale will talk to Protus about issues with voice broadcasts.


Correspondence- none.


Committee Reports-


Finance- An updated report was distributed. 


A productive meeting with the camp committee about budgets was held yesterday. 


According to a payment plan established with DiAngeles, he owes $400 by April 1 or his water will be shut off.


There are now two applicants for dues relief from the hardship fund.  One application was accepted.


4 members have some outstanding dues owed.  About half of dues for 2010 have been collected.


Barn- Floor will be resurfaced before camp begins.  Work on the teen center will be considered in the future.


Beach/Lake- All lifeguard positions are filled.  Not sure how we will staff after mid-August when lifeguards, who are also students, go to college. 


Town- No report.


Camp- No report.


Environment- Colony cleanup:  Bergherr will find out when the town cleanup day is.  The Community will be notified by email and voice broadcast.


Hospitality/Social- Committee met.  The next issue of Road 4 will contain an announcement of the upcoming art show.

Westchester Food Bank will be the charity to benefit from the proceeds of sales from the Art Show. 


Folk dancing will be more expensive to run this year- so there will be one less week of folk dancing provided. 


Jim Gold and the Beers will be back.  The Chorus is coming together. One Saturday night drama is planned. 


Legal/sales- No report.


Roads- No report.


Maintenance- The bridge on the footpath by the Lieman property may need repair or replacement.  A cleaning person for the summer season is still being sought.


Road 4-  is online.  No new business to report.


Water- Our BOH permit has been received.  We still owe them an electrical diagram.  They want taps installed in the shed for water sampling and some instrumentation for flow indication. 


Carol Lewis’ lawyer has Finkelman’s letter about property deeds, and will respond to Finkelman.


Garbage- We will opt to wait until next year for our biennial dumpster.


History- No report.


New business- Eisen brought a list of projects previously budgeted or approved. 


Rafts- Have been ordered.  Old raft removal is the responsibility of the beach committee. 


Bathroom stairs- (Orr) in process


Camp – Paddle boats – Stewart-Stand and Ehnes are the contacts for this.


Defibrillator- Decided to rent 2, not purchase, at $400 each (purchasing is $2k each); Orr is handling this for the Maintenance Committee.  A wall-mounted storage case for the barn will cost $180.  Stand will help arrange for training even though these devices are supposed to be “foolproof”.


Beach sand- Plans for early delivery didn’t work out due to snow.  Orr is investigating smaller deliveries to avoid truck-related damage.  Orr is the contact.


Shed for beach chairs:  Rietsch and Orr are the contacts.  Will try to accomplish at the lowest cost possible.


Barn back stairs- Deferred until 2011 given the significant expense of metal stairs. 


Lower barn floor- 6K budget is still to be spent.  Stand and Callen will work on it.


Barn box fan- We have.  Fast can provide an extra if needed.


Chair rack for the barn: Will install pipes to hang the chairs on, inside the close at a cost of about $100.  Questions of capacity and dimensions will be resolved.  Orr/Brown will handle.


Fire pull-stations at all barn exits:   Will defer this project and get information about building classification and requirements. 


Stabilizing barn stage:  Orr and Stand will address.  Work will come in under the originally budgeted amount.


Volleyball fence/gate:  Orr will investigate with Rietsch.


Tree work at beach- see last membership minutes (1 large ash and 1 cherry to be taken down).  Shulman is getting estimates. The work will be done before summer. 


Handball court- Shulman is the contact. $12,000 is the working estimate from the subcommittee. The membership will be presented with a plan, proposing to have a group of members advance this money and be paid back interest-free by the membership, at the April meeting. 


Pump house renovation- About  $2,200 of the originally budgeted amount is left to be spent.  Instrumentation and some equipment installation work remains.  Next tasks would be installing a data-logging system and a backup sensor in the second tank. 


Playground mulch; beach committee needs mulch too. (Gordon is the contact)


Next Board meeting:  April 18, 10am at the Teen Center.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:28 pm.

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