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Water Committee blog

Page history last edited by rosedalej@... 14 years, 7 months ago

 Welcome to the Water Committee blog page!


Dan Fast is the moderator for this page.  Any GCBA member is welcome to log in and use the "comment" function to post questions or suggestions regarding the Colony water system here. 


All residents, both Colony water users and those with their own private wells, are requested to review water conservation tips!


Please read the attached water report for 2008 by clicking on the link to the right: Water2008.doc

Comments (2)

joel4bs@... said

at 12:34 am on Oct 31, 2009

Hello all, I just wanted to say that Danny Apter's brother was here (in the colony, at the apter house) a month ago or so. i spoke to him and he too was talking about the pipes in the house freezing. He made it sound as though he would be doing something about it. I dont know how to contact him, but perhaps someone in the colony does?

joel f

joel4bs@... said

at 6:15 am on Nov 24, 2009

Hi, I am wondering if the low water pressure at my house is ...normal?...from the work that was done recently?...should I be calling someone?

thanks, Joel forbes...17 west main

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