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Environment and Maintenance Blog

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rosedalej@mville.edu said

at 9:46 pm on May 4, 2009

Mera Eisen wanted everyone to know about this: http://www.nypirg.org/enviro/bottlebill/

joel4bs@... said

at 2:51 am on May 22, 2009

on a completely different note. Am I the only person on west main st who is sort of freaked out by the yipping screming wailing, insane noises made by the dogs...at all hours of the day and night?...am I really the only one?...can anything be done?

Aaron Kroun said

at 10:41 pm on May 22, 2009

No you're not. I hear them load and clear. It's irritating and annoying. I guesss anyone withing earshot has to be impacted. Check the town code of Lewisboro pertaining to this problem. The town describes how to deal with a noise problem pertaining to dogs.

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