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Beach and Lake Blog

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Welcome to the Beach and Lake Blog page!


This committee is seeking a new coordinator.  Please contact a Board member if you are interested.


CSLAP Lake report, 2010


Click here to see the NY State Code for Bathing Beaches


Russell Gordon (for The Beach Committee), and Eric Stand (for The Lake Committee) are the moderators for this page.

Any GCBA member is welcome to log in and use the "comment" function to post questions or suggestions here relating to the beach or lake.


The Beach Committee needs a chairperson!  Please contact Russell Gordon if you are interested in serving. 



Click hear to read the Lakes Committee minutes, July 2009.  Eric Stand represents Timber Lake and our community to this group. 



Information Notices:


Lewisboro Stormwater Management information


ice safety 011008.doc






Safe Lawns.doc 



There are four areas of activity to enhance and maintain the beach/lake environment.

these are: 


Lifeguards - hiring, supervision contracts, t-shirts, whistles and safety equipment.

Capital Improvements -new lifeguard stand, picnic tables, play equipment and annoncement board.

Landscaping - planning the plantings, maintaining path/drainage, beach/volleyball court sand surfaces and tree cuting/pruning

Cleaning and Maintenance - beach supplies, cleaning staff, "mowing and blowing"; liaising with Maintenance Committee


One can volunteer for any or all of these areas.




Historically, the Committee Chair: 
Keeps track of jobs to be done
a-Hire Lifeguards
b-supervise lifeguards
c-lifeguards will clean-up of beach and grass area every morning
d-draw up contract
e- review Beach Rules and recommend changes as needed
Committee Members:   
Are involved in soliciting candidates for positions, interviewing and hiring
One serves as liaison to the Board
Go over present contract-see Amanda Levites’ old contract
Post Rules
Assist with supervision of employees


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