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Acceptable Use Policy

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This policy sets out guidelines for acceptable use of the web site http://gbca.pbworks.com (hereafter "the GBCA wiki") by members of the Goldens Bridge Community Association (hereafter "the Association"). The primary purpose for which access to the GBCA wiki is provided by the GBCA Board to its members is to assist them in carrying out the business of the Association. Members may also use the GBCA wiki for reasonable private purposes which are consistent with this Acceptable Use Policy. They may not use the GBCA wiki in such a way as to significantly interfere with the business of the Association or expose the Association to significant cost or risk of liability. The Board may modify this policy upon 30 days notice in writing to the membership of the Association.


Editors and the site administrator of the GBCA wiki are authorized to create and change pages, update passwords, and post files.  Contributors may create pages, edit pages and add comments.  These levels of authorization are assigned as follows:

  • Administrator level- the Secretary to the Board of the Association
  • Editor level- All Board members and Committee chairs
  • Writer level- All voting members of the Association
  • Reader level- All others, including the general public

Although it is possible to restrict access to specific pages on the GBCA wiki, all pages will initially be viewable to the general public.  Any concerns about access to information on the GBCA wiki should be brought to the attention of the Association Secretary. 

What is acceptable use

Subject to the balance of this policy, members may use the GBCA wiki for:

  • Purposes related to the business of the Association as set out in its Constitution; anticipated uses include but are not limted to:
    • Posting membership rosters, meeting schedules, minutes and contact information relating to the Board and Committees of the Association
    • Soliciting participation for events, activities and work of the Association and its committees
    • Inviting and sharing opinions on matters pertinent to the business of the Association
  • Posting textual, graphical and multimedia files relating to the Association as approved by a site editor or administrator; and utilising any other internet service or protocol for after obtaining permission to do so by a site moderator or administrator;

provided in each case that the use is moderate in file size requirements, does not incur significant cost for the Association and does not interfere with the business of the Association or the privacy of its members.

What is not acceptable use

Except in the course of attending to the business of the Association or with the express permission of the GBCA Board, the GBCA wiki may not be used for:

  • Personal commercial purposes;
  • Sending unsolicited bulk email;
  • Disseminating confidential information of the Association or its members;
  • Any illegal purpose;
  • Knowingly causing interference with or disruption to any network, information service, equipment or any user thereof;
  • Disseminating personal contact information relating to Association members without their consent;
  • Documenting and/or perpetuating a personal dispute unrelated to the business of the Association, or
  • Knowingly causing any other person to view content which could render the Association liable pursuant to equal opportunity or sex discriminaton legislation at the suit of that person.

Consequences of unacceptable use

Any site moderator or administrator may monitor logs of internet usage which may reveal information such as which pages have been accessed or edited by members.  A moderator or administrator, however, will not engage in real time surveillance of GBCA wiki usage, will not monitor the content of pages created or edited by Association members unless such content is sent or forwarded to the Board, and will not disclose any of the logged, or otherwise collected, information to a third party except under compulsion of law.

Responsibility for use of the wiki that does not comply with this policy lies with the Association member so using it, and such member must indemnify the Association for any direct loss and reasonably foreseeable consequential losses suffered by the Association by reason of the breach of policy.

The Association will review any alleged breach of this Acceptable Use Policy on an individual basis. If the alleged breach is of a very serious nature, the member shall be given an opportunity to be heard in relation to the alleged breach before the Board, and if it is admitted or clearly established to the satisfaction of the Board the breach may be treated as grounds for suspension of that member's privilges as a contributor to the GBCA wiki and other reasonable measures agreed upon by the membership of the Association.

Otherwise, an alleged breach shall be dealt with as follows.

  • Files or pages deemed to be in breach of this Policy may be deleted at the discretion of the administrator of the GBCA wiki.  It is customary for the administrator to contact at least one member of the Board and obtain his or her agreement before deleting pages or files. 
  • In more complex cases, the member shall be informed of the alleged breach, given an opportunity to respond to the allegation, and if it is not satisfactorily explained, be asked to desist from or where applicable to remedy the breach.
  • If the breach is not desisted from or remedied, the site administrator may either withdraw the member's privileges as a contributor to the wiki or provide a first warning to the member, to which the employee shall have an opportunity to respond.
  • If the infringing conduct continues the member may be given one or more additional warnings, to each of which he or she shall have an opportunity to respond.
  • If a breach is committed after a final warning, the Board may consider further sanctions pursuant to the privileges of community membership.

Version No: 1.2 Date: 9/20/2009


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